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Florida Attorney Assists with Paternity Matters

Family lawyer addresses the rights and responsibilities of paternity for clients in the Highlands, Hardee and Polk County areas

Law Office of Patricia Lynch Franklin, P.A. represents men and women in matters involving paternity, or legal fatherhood. Whether you are a mother who seeks child support and needs to establish the identity of the child’s father so support can be sought, or you are a man whose paternity is in question and you wish to assert your rights, Ms. Franklin provides knowledgeable advice and advocacy. Whatever your reason for establishing or denying paternity, Ms. Franklin represent your interests under the law.

Skilled Florida counselor assists with matters that affect mothers, fathers and children

There are many reasons that the legal establishment of paternity is important. When married couples have children, the husband is legally presumed to be the father. But when unmarried couples have a child, the mother usually retains sole physical and legal custody and the right to make important decisions about the child until the father takes action to legally establish paternity.

Ms. Franklin represents clients in paternity actions including:

  • Mothers seeking child support payments, which can only be ordered once paternity has been established
  • Fathers seeking parental rights who wish to play an important role in their children’s lives
  • Fathers who wish to dispute paternity when they believe they may not be the child’s biological parent

Children benefit greatly when paternity is established: they not only can form essential parental bonds from early childhood but also be protected financially from the start. They are also allowed to know their father’s medical history, which could prove essential when illness strikes.

Determined advocate handles your paternity action

Paternity actions in Florida can be filed by men or women. Once one party files, however, any component of the relationship — such as visitation — can instantly become an issue. Retaining skilled legal counsel is vital to legally establish or disestablish paternity as soon as possible.

Ms. Franklin can help you to access blood and DNA tests to establish or disprove paternity, and then negotiate and draft relevant documents. Every aspect of the firm’s practice is carried out with the utmost discretion and privacy. Whether you are seeking to prove parentage or dispute it, Ms. Franklin will advocate for your rights.

Contact an experienced Florida attorney for your paternity matter

Whether you wish to establish or dispute paternity, Law Office of Patricia Lynch Franklin, P.A. can guide you through the process to protect your rights. Call me at 863-304-8016 or contact me online to schedule a consultation at my Sebring office.